About Us

About Us


“la m a ria” is not just a brand name which produce cosmetics, “la m a ria” is a name under which we choose top cosmetics manufacturer & finest ingredients from all over world to pamper your skin & body to give you an amazing look.

“la m a ria”s professional team works based on “Fast Fashion” concept, to make sure yours make up kit always have something new & unique to carry.

la m a ria”s creative and R&D team will produce new products every month in smallest size & affordable price, so you can always have something new to carry with you.

No matter which corner of the world has preserved finest ingredients or no matter where are the best manufacturing units are located, “la m a ria”s professional sourcing team & creative product department, will always work with best manufacturer of the world to bring our unique products into your hands at affordable price.

Why Choose “la m a ria” ?

Our Concept

la m a ria”s professional creative and R&D team will be mainly focusing on “FAST FASHION” concept, so you can always have something new and in affordable price.

la m a ria”s team will always work on new concept & products in smallest size, so you can always have something new in hand.

Our Slogan

“Marchez avec la confiance” means “Walk with the confidence”

No matter you are Office lady, house wife, business women or in any other field, confidence is always very important to achieve the best performance in every field.

la m a ria”s professional teams will make sure our fine products add extra value in your appearance to make you feel walk with more & more confidence.

  • Our products are different from normally available products in market, each product will follow a new concept.

  • la m a ria” only choose finest available ingredients in the world to make their products safer & good for your skin & body.

  • la m a ria”s each product will be produced in the best manufacturing unit in the world, no matter it’s in which country.

  • la m a ria”s team will make sure you always have something new for yours make up kit.

  • Each of our product will carry a new concept & new style to pamper your skin, body & appearance.